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Northwest Fencing Academy is a school dedicated to the practice of Traditional Italian Fencing, Historical Swordplay, and Medieval Martial Arts.  Founded in 1997, the Academy provides organized professional instruction and complete training programs in foil, épeé and sabre fencing, as well as the medieval arts of sword & shield, longsword, and polearms (collectively known as Armizare).  The Academy combines the traditional European apprenticeship model, modern physical education practices, and careful research and scholarship of fencing and martial arts in a comprehensive, balanced curriculum.  We are a modern school of traditional European fencing and martial arts.

What is Italian Fencing?

Traditional Italian Fencing is the late 19th century practice of the foil (a blunted training weapon), the épeé or spada (the dueling sword), and the sabre (a cutting as well as thrusting weapon).  It is the art from which the modern sport of fencing derives.  We study the traditional art as a means to develop the necessary fundamentals and complete command of technique required for both martial practice and contemporary sports competition.  This approach is more in-depth and requires greater time than many modern systems, but gives the fencer the skills for a lifetime of successful development and enjoyment of fencing.

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             What is Armizare?

Armizare is the name given by the medieval Maestro d'armi Fiore dei Liberi for the medieval art of arms, the martial art of the aristocratic warrior class of Europe.   Maestro Liberi recorded his recorded his martial system in the Fior di Battalglia (Flower of Battle), four manuscripts from Italy in 1409.  They are copies of a manuscript prepared for Niccolo d’Este III, ruler of the principalities of Ferrara and Modena. Through them, Fiore teaches empty hands, sword and polearms techniques - a complete martial arts system which represents the pinnacle of the combat arts of the medieval knight. We teach Fiore's arts in reference to how effective they would be in a real encounter, and therefore place an absolute emphasis on safety, control, and skill at arms.

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Benefits of Training at Northwest Fencing Academy

• Learn to integrate mind and body 

• Improve strength, balance, coordination, reflexes, and flexibility 

• Programs allow individual progress while training and having fun with peers 

• Teaches self-confidence, discipline, and respect of self and others 

• A traditional European training system for complete physical & mental training 

• Academy instructor is a professionally trained & certified Fencing Master 

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